SOLD OUT Fahrenheit451 - The Thought Of It 12" (Pre order cover)

  • SOLD OUT Fahrenheit451 - The Thought Of It 12

SOLD OUT Fahrenheit451 - The Thought Of It 12" (Pre order cover)

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Re-release of the 1996 MCD of Fahrenheit 451 for the first time ever
on 12" vinyl. Remastered with new artwork done by Orlande Stillsuit/Orange
Special cover for the pre orders, limited to 69 and numbered!

"Grabbing from straight up hard rock, hip-hop, so called alternative
and even Latin music spaces, Fahrenheit mashed up the place like no
other so called post-hardcore unit of the time" Howie Abrams

“I think Fahrenheit 451 is an incredible band” Adam Blake (H20/Shelter)

“I’m just happy they didn’t rob me” Lou-Tang (Merch specialist/Int’l
Man of Mystery)

“Fahrenheit was blazing, that’s what it meant to me, blazing, straight
blazing like that” Cez (District 9)

"90's hardcore has finally been getting its due props for a minute
now" Howie Abrams

“Amazing” Todd the Kid (Warzone/District 9/Grey Area)

“I was listening to something that was innovative” Warren Lee (Out of
line/Queens, Guitar Tech for some of your favorite bands)

“It was funky” Jimmy Williams (Maximum Penalty)

"This release showcases Fahrenheit451 truly hitting its stride and
carving the group's offerings into the annals of hard music" Howie

A1) For
A2) Shift
A3) Blind
B1) Settle
B2) Afraid
B3) Fragments of Reality*
B4) No More Promises*
*Taken from the Japanese version of the mcd

Pressing info:
534 Black
100 Clear Red
69 Black with special pre-order cover, numbered (directly from label only)
13 testpresses, numbered